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Advantages of having a Surveillance Camera System

Do you know what are the advantages of owning a surveillance camera system for your home or business? In Safety Tech and Network we will tell you its benefits.

Why Digital Recording?

It does not need human intervention every day.
It provides high resolution images.
It provides instant access to the sequences that are recorded.
It makes it possible to share information: generate reports, export video, print photos, ...
It makes it possible to control multiple remote points from the central point.
Review at the moment of remote sequences.
Configuration and update of units remotely.
Why Transmission of Images?

*Visualize, from any point, everything that happens in the company and what happened several days or months ago.
*Check the alarms by means of real-time images.
*There are no false alarms because they are eliminated.
*Make the actions of law enforcement more rapid and effective.
*Take advantage of elements of the conventional security system.
System caracteristics

*Great image quality, with high recording and transmission frequencies.
*You can record and transmit at the same time.
*There are different levels of characteristics according to specific needs.
*Use of all communication networks.
*Remote management of several installations.
Characteristics of the Software

*Different screens structured as an agenda.
*It allows to visualize and order the data of remote installations, watch and record live video, play recorded video, receive and process alarms, take photographs and reports, and consult the historical list of events and images.
*It has a signal panel visible in any session.
*It has security passwords to operate and configure.
*It has video output for DVR recordings.
*It has all the communication possibilities of ISDN, RTC, and redundant TCP / IP communication. We have equipment with 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 video inputs and audio channels, to meet the needs of customers and their facilities.

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