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Security Cameras
About us

We Provide a Professional installation of security cameras, including HD IP, TVI, CVI, AHD cameras.We specialize in all areas of surveillance solutions.We know the right tool, method and products to take care of your business and home; Safety Tech and Network will provide you with the highest quality services. We will make sure that your cameras are mounted at proper angles, and that your power and video lines are protected against electrical interference and power surges.


Safety Tech and Network guarantees your satisfaction with both our equipment and installation services.

Free Estimates!!! Good Prices!!! Quality Products!!!

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Ph: (305)204-2521 

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Why would you need surveillance cameras?

* Security cameras can provide constant monitoring of your business or home even if you are not there.

* If you use them for your home, security cameras can help you see who is at the door of the house before opening the door.

* If a robbery occurs, the use of security cameras can provide valuable evidence to identify the thief and even to recover your belongings.

* In the news we have seen from time to time images of caregivers of children (or even elderly) who did not behave in a completely appropriate way with the people in their care. Security cameras are good tools to discover this.

* And if it is used in a business, security cameras can obviously help to prevent theft, its fundamental function. But also serve employers and owners to monitor employees.

Why should you choose us?


We're Passionate about what we do


We love what we do. What sets us apart from the competition is that we focus on providing quality in our products and services.


Proven Track Record

We've gained a reputation as a reliable and honest company with most of our customers coming from referrals.


The Quality of our Support is unmatched

We take support one step further by innovating our replies according to the challenges of each customer.

Satisfied Companies

We are very proud to have a wide range of clients that we can turn to validate our Experience, our Services, and our Professionalism.

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